North West Snooker Academy, Liverpool UK


Black ball membership

£120 per month - 60 hours per month

Red ball membership

£90 per month - 30 hours per month

Green ball membership

£60 per month - 10 hours per month

Bonus of becoming a monthly member! When two members share a table you only use up half of your time. For example: if 2 members play 4 hours, this only uses up 2 hours per individual not 4.  Of course, you can choose to practice solo if you prefer.


NWSA Loyalty Bonus (on any membership)

Pay 3 months up front and receive 5% discount (Black Ball = £18 saving over 3 months)

Pay 6 months up front and receive 10% discount (Black Ball = £72 saving over 6 months!) 

Hourly Rates for Non Members

SOLO £8 per hour

SHARING £12 per hour

PRICE PER DAY (for sharing, 3 players max per session)

4 Hours £40

6 Hours £50

Call or WhatsApp or message Matt on 07760207284 to book

** Junior (u16’s) Memberships are also available at reduced rates

The Terms and conditions

As a way for all members to get their desired playing time, we will introduce a fair playing time policy of 60 hours maximum a month per member. If two members play together, the table time will be split between the members allowing you to effectively spend 120 hours a month on our fantastic tables. Should anyone reach the maximum allowance per month, additional hours can be purchased at a reduced hourly rate of £3 per member.

A member can only play for a maximum of 6 hours per day (unless there are hours available on a table at the completion of your booking). This resets each night at midnight.

Guests of members can attend. The guest would need to register and then there would be a one off cost of £10 per visit. Guests can attend a maximum of 2 times, following that they would pay the above hourly rate.

Everyone who would like to attend will need to complete a simple registration with the NWSA. There is a small administration charge of £5 for this payable when registering.